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Home CCPP Album

In order to make downloading quicker the photographs have been placed on dedicated pages.

Click on the titles below to access them.

The picture of activities



The present registration cyclo
from 2009 to day 515 cyclo
as members of CCCA

 Eyes Screening and Surgery
of 210 Cyclo drivers and
their families with supporting from Iris International

45 cyclo drivers participated in
monthly meeting

as  members of CCCA

120 cyclo drivers participated in tobacco impact  & Road safety promotion course on 20  Sept 2011. Supported by TIMA through WHO org.

Cyclo Savings    
Every half month cyclo drivers can left $75.00 from their group which sharing $0.25 perday.    


With cooperation with the ministry of
Post, 30 cyclo drivers joined to promote
HIV/AIDS prevention on 29 June, 2011   


Cyclo Repairing Cyclo drivers
can fix their cyclos at
Association space


Engling Language lesson Monday-Thursday,


as  members of CCCA

2008 Cyclo Rally

 2008 Smoke Free Ride for Life

2nd, 3rd and 4th of May

Click on map above to see route




Environment Day and Anti-Drug and Anti-Crime Day

 Environment Day


Anti-Drug and Anti-Crime Day


2005 Smoke Free Ride for Life


2005 Smoke Free Ride for Life

7th, 8th, 9th September

Click on map above to see route

At the Royal Palace


At the Royal Palace

The first photograph shows cyclo drivers having breakfast in the palace grounds. The second shows Centre staff and three cyclo driver representatives meeting with Mr Kong Samol, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Royal Palace and the last three show Centre staff in audience with King Sihamoni.