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Home News

The Association is continuing to generate interest from the media, with both film crews and photographers focusing on the Phnom Penh cyclo.

Changes to the CCCA website

Although was originally set up to support the Cyclo Centre Phnom Penh (CCPP) and now serves the Cyclo Conservation and Careers Association (CCCA), it has always been registered in the name of a private individual. We feel the time has now come to replace with a website based in Cambodia that will be registered in the name of the CCCA.

At the moment this transition is being arranged by Sambath. A new domain name will be registered with the relevant ministry and a new website is being designed by a company based in Phnom Penh. When registration is complete and the new website is ready to go on-line, all content will be removed from From then on it will merely act as a referral point to the new, Cambodia based website, ceasing to operate when the domain name is due for renewal.

Smoke Free project

For a number of years the CCPP worked in co-operation with several organisations to focus on the dangers of smoking (see CCPP Archive). Recently the CCCA has been in successful discussions with Ms Yibee At Taiwant, from TIMA, and Dr. Yeld Daravuth, from WHO, in order to continue this work. Consequently, on September 20th, it is anticipated 120 cyclo drivers will be invited to an educational event, which will focus on tobacco and road safety awareness.

. Through Dr. Yel Daravuth from World Health Organization(WHO) Tawain International Medical Alliance (TIMA), It's always supported fund which focus on Tobacco use impact in Cambodia and Cyclo Conservation and careers Association(CCCA) is a part to contribute to reduce tobacco use,too. On 04 October 2012, CCCA invited 140cyclo drivers in Phnom Penh to educate the impact of Tobacco use, Alcohol and HIV/AIDs,STD.

The City Tour

The city tour service continues to thrive and one now runs everyday. Visitors are all pedalled along by drivers wearing either blue or green shirts, which mark them out as being members of the Association on 'active duty'


The money paid by companies for the tour is distributed to the cyclo drivers twice every month, with either 14 or 15 days between each pay day.

The disappearing cyclo


Last year Voice of America featured the Phnom Penh cyclo and the CCCA in a short item on its website. This included a brief comment by Sambath. Click here for the link.


English language lessons

The CCCA has now begun English language lessons for cyclo drivers. It is hoped that, by developing basic skills in the English language, cyclo driver students will enhance their ability to communicate with tourists and visitors from abroad.

Eyes Screening

With supporting from Iris International NGO, CCCA invites cyclo drivers and their families to do eyes screening and treatment without charge from 12-13th  December 2012, 140 cyclo drivers and families participated to do eyes screening.

The cyclo karaoke song


If you are in Phnom Penh and frequent restaurants where DVD karaoke is shown on a big screen (and who doesn't?) be sure to look out for a song featuring cyclos. You will see real green machines alongside an energised cartoon cyclo that really gets into the swing of things. The song is amusing and deals with the problems cyclo drivers face in Phnom Penh including holes in the road, competition from moto-dops and heavy passengers! A real cyclo driver has a cameo role as a passenger. The cover below is from a DVD featuring the song - track 8 is the one you want.