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........for visiting our website, we hope that you will find it informative and that, when you visit Phnom Penh, you might be tempted to take a trip in one of our cyclos. How the Cyclo Conservation and Careers Association began and developed

Over ten years ago a survey of Phnom Penh pedicab drivers, conducted by the Urban Resource Centre, lead to the establishment of a centre for cyclo drivers, which aimed to provide washing facilities, medical care and opportunities to learn a variety of skills. After establishment, the organization became known as the Cyclo Centre Phnom Penh, and worked from various premises, the last one being in 158 Street. However, in April 2010 the CCPP closed. Dr Yel Daravuth, a board member, commented:

'Driver numbers have dropped significantly in recent years and it has been harder to justify the continuation of the project. It will be sad to see the end of the Centre, but it has been an extraordinary project over the past ten years, working with hundreds of drivers whose lives on the city streets are very hard. However, we are encouraged to see the establishment of a project for drivers (Cyclo Conservation and Careers Association) and we wish them every success.' Since April the CCCA has gradually raised its profile in Phnom Penh and has had coverage in the local press. Although, as yet, it is not a fully fledged Cambodian NGO, it has a license to operate and works from a small office on 158 Street, two doors from the old CCPP office. The executive director is Im Sambath, who worked for the CCPP for many years.

This website now serves the CCCA. However, we intend to leave the CCPP archive and album pages on the website as they give a good idea of how the support for cyclo drivers in Phnom Penh developed.