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Home cyclo appeal for fun


According to a 2006 study by CCCA, twenty one out of the one hundred and forty eight cyclo drivers registered with association are over the age of seventy. Cyclo driving is a hard job even for the young and fit so it is, perhaps, surprising that any driver is capable of continuing with this way of earning a living into their eighth decade, Inevitably, driver working at this time of their life have neither the strength nor stamina of their youth and are sometimes unable to work long enough even to make neigh money on which to live. However, they continue with their cyclo driving because of a lack of alternative opportunities to earn money and, despites the limitation age brings, seek fares day and night in all types of weather. The twenty on, seventy plus reduce their accommodation costs , as cyclo drivers always have , by sleeping in their vehicles after parking on the streets or in front of shops. Anyone walking in the streets of central Phnom Penh at a late hour is bound to see a few cyclos serving as beds for the night.

.Cyclo ‘s Profile 

1.1 Mr. Sin Sokum is a cyclo driver, his age is 63 years old (born in 194) in Tropang Phore Village, Tropang lvea Commune, Oudong Districk, Kompong Spue province. He got married in 1972, Having 8 children, 3 children got married already and 5 children have stayed him.

He started driving cyclo in 1971- 1973, during driving cyclo from Phnom Penh to his homeland, he was caught by soldier and to detain him in Prison at Banteay Bekchan in 1973 and Pol Pot regime, 1975, refuged to Phor Knea Lor District, Kandal Provonce. After liberation day 1979, he returned back to his homeland. 1979-1986, he worked as farmer and palm juice maker to support his families. He works as a cyclo driver since 1987 -today. Nowadays, he has become a member of Cyclo Conservation and careers association since 2003, averagely; he earns around $5.00 per day. He has got the seventh son to work as a cyclo driver, too.


The age related issues which make life more difficult for the older cyclo drivers are compounded by a reduction in the number of potential customers, it would seem that alternative forms of transport, be it the tuk-tuk or motor, are proving more attractive to both foreign tourists and local khmer. Whatever the reason for the fall off in demand the result is reduction in the number of fares that cyclo driver might reasonably expect in a day and, consequently, reduction in their income.


Cyclo ‘s Profile of Mr. Men Phan,86 years old

1.2. The man who is a cyclo driver,86 years old, his name is Men Phan was born in Roka village, Chi Kma commune, Traing district, Takoe province. He has got 11 children, died 5 children in Pol Pot time. Now he stays with the youngest daughter at homeland. He started a cyclo driver in 1961 till Pol Pot time and 1975-1979 was refuge to live at Krophom Chhouk commune, Koh Annet district, Takoe province. 1985 came to Phnom Penh to work as cyclo driver till today. He earns around $4.00 per day to support his families. He is a member of association since 2006.

In order to help this specific group of cyclo drivers the CCCA has launched a funding appeal with a target of 20 cyclo drivers who can get incentives $15.00 per cyclo drivers. If you would like to contribute, and any amount would be appreciated. Please send your donation to Cyclo Conservation Account: Acleda Bank PlC. A/C No 1800-20-904916-1-6.


Looking forward to your kind donation all times!